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Easy Guide For Learning The Tarot 🔮

Learning Tarot Blog By ilmyspsychicjane & Lunastarot

My personal belief is that every person, everywhere, has an intuitive spiritual side. Of course, spiritual growth and intuitive learning take both time and patience; each person is different. With Tarot cards, step one is learning the basics. This approach is perfect for anyone who's learning about tarot cards or who is generally curious about each card's basic fundamental meaning. Be sure to join the Facebook Group for learning & readings Tarot learning & Readings For the downloadable & printable version of this blog for learning please visit

(Sage, Selenite and Tarot)

Each unique deck of Tarot Cards is made up of 78 cards and broken down into two primary categories. The first being the "Major Arcana". The second is known as the "Minor Arcana".

Each set is equally important. When I first started studying tarot cards, the number one thing I kept searching for online was just a simple breakdown of each card, without all the nonsense and ads. One question I've been asked is, "Does different art, on different decks, have different meaning?" The artist of each deck can have their own interpretation of the art, however, the meaning of the cards themselves stays the same regardless of the art on the deck.

Also, while doing a reading, the cards all depend on their surrounding cards in a layout. For example, you may have a negative "past card" (moving forward), "current state card", and a successful "outcome card". Learning the basic meaning of each card is very important, especially early on.

If you find a tarot learning style that works for you stick with it but no need to negate other methods. To each their own. There’s multiple paths and multiple perceptions with tarot ,it’s what makes tarot truly unique and interesting.


The meanings of the cards posted below are the basic key meanings for each card!


(Tarot- Major Arcana Cards)

The Fool: . Unforeseen obstacles. Pay attention to risks as the current situation continues, even though a better one may appear. The fool may turn to be an innocent person, or child. The fool is often carefree and sometimes seen as careless. This card represents new beginnings as well.

The High Priestess: Secrets, hidden facts, upcoming events or wisdom and learning. A card that indicates all that is hidden. High priestess is often related to the moon card, as something is hidden from your sight, however, with the high priestess as something may be hidden from your sight, the message can be found with your intuition. This card speaks of wisdom, psychic abilities and the secrets she’s not ready to reveal. Mysterious events may occur with the high priestess. This card often represents the unknown and supernatural. She may represent a spirit guide giving you a message in your readings.

The Empress: A new start, pregnancy, or love. Fertility. The empress is all about new, growth, happiness and warm tidings… new and exciting times are approaching. A time of love and sensuality. Pregnancy may be indicated.

The Magician: Knowledge, determination, or action. Represents a person of power with a great deal of creativity and determination. One who follows through with actions, this person may be tricky, trickster or “player like”. However, this card represents a very intelligent person. This card is about using your own personal abilities to create and manifest your goals. This is a success card. A good time for new education and taking control over your life.

The Emperor: Strength and maturity. A person in power, a father figure , Powerful and opinionated. Stubborn but noble. Assertive and fearless. Represents a person who is not afraid to speak their mind, has a very strong belief system, and does not change their mind easily. Indicates a promotion at work and a time for advancement; a great time to make money and a time of power.

The Lovers: Physical and sexual attraction. Love, relationships, better times, and romance. Possibly new romance. Sometimes a choice between two lovers. A time of desire, or contemplating a current romance. Marriage or sometimes or sometimes twin flame, soul mate connection depending on this card with surrounding cards.

The Chariot: A success card. Issues involving revenge and/or power. Though it's a "winning card", Pushing through any hardships or unfortunate circumstances, rising again, moving forward.

Strength: Emotional and physical bravery, as well as self discipline and patience. This card represents physical and spiritual strength.

The Hermit: Loneliness and solitude, Betrayal, Introspection. A time of being alone, or a time away from the world. Look at your situation and consider this carefully. Rest and relax. That's where you'll find your answer. Loneliness may occur and so can betrayal from others. Heal.

The Wheel Of Fortune: Personal journey. Happiness. Positive results, opportunity, and abundance. Prosperity, luck, advancements, and destiny. Fate is in play with this card, positive movement.

Justice: Balance. Decisions based on one's character. Fairness and integrity. Possible legal actions. Debts will be paid. Karma card.

The Hanged man: Mediation. Reasoning. Insight and selflessness. Flexibility and dedication. A time for change; a time to remove yourself from the situation (help to see the situation from a new perspective). The hanged man is like a dowsing pendulum, which cards would he swing towards, to his left and to his right? The cards on both sides of him can help show more about what the hanged man’s message is.

Death: End of a matter. A time for change. Can indicate an actual physical passing only surrounded by other cards representing such, however this card points mainly towards, Rebirth and profound change. A card representing dramatic change. As with all cards, this change depends on it's surrounding cards as it's laid out together in a spread.

Temperance: Patience. Balance of actions, compassion, and tranquility. Avoid rushed or hasty actions here. Patience is needed. Test the waters before diving into the situation entirely. Give yourself time. Time is needed.

The Devil: Manipulation, obsession, feeling stuck, feeling a need for emotional cord cutting. A movement to free yourself from bad habits, move away from toxic and negative friendships and relationships, jobs. Lack of creativity and obsession, often a card of drug and alcohol overindulgence time to review and reconsider path.

The Tower: Tower movement, things may get shaken up to make you see the path you are supposed to be on. This card can indicate Conflict, dramanic change, change of foundations … shocking news. Lack of peace, Change that occurs dramatically. Disruption of tradition.

The Star:. Hope and reflection. Stars light is renewal , a sense of lose gone, a sense of hope gained. This card is a good omen. This card is success, love, home and abundance. A card of hope for the future and reflection on goals.

The Moon: Intuition, dreams, and the unconscious, One dog represents the bad, one dog represents the good (news), the towers are the same as the death card towers, the news may be hidden, but change is to come. Use your intuition, the moons light offers guidance here.

The Sun: Positive energy!! The sun radiates all that is Positive and solid. Loving relationships. Peace and vitality. A card representing joy, peace, and happiness. People being drawn to you, acard representing ultimate success.

The hierophant: Can indicate marriage, traditional type of person, a person of structure - can represent a law figure, doctor, nurse, teacher or boss!

Judgement: Judging yourself and being judged by others. A profound thought… A time for a fresh start; Karma, end of a cycle to make room for new beginnings. Contracts, legal matters.

The World: Anything is possible, actual travel, movement. Can be A card of travel, A trip taken over a body of water. Relocation, move into a new home or sign contracts for a new home, to escape. A card that indicates a possible change of residence. An opportunity to open up and realize more possibilities. See a new perspective.


(Tarot-Minor Arcana Cards)


King of Staffs: Represents a wise person that can listen and give good advice.Natural-born leader, vision, entrepreneur,Impulsiveness, moves quickly.

Queen of Staffs: likable, loyal, and a strong mother figure .. Known to be straight to the point. energetic, vivacious, strong, courageous and passionate

The knight of staffs: A card that shows movement , fast movement full of vitality and fearlessness, impulsive behavior.

Page of Staffs : A messenger - Incoming messages can be a person who is Arrogant. Tailored. Devoted. Well educated with a mind for business. A good person but sometimes egotistical. A card that is indicative of upcoming news about travel.

10 of staffs: A card of burden, taking on too much, This card often represents finding cause of issue, followed by success. Movement away from difficult situations.

9 of staffs prepare and strategize, the nine of wands marks the halfway mark in a battle,encouragement , a need for rest; some time out to mend wounds, keeping a watchful eye on the situation, not lowering guard for romantic partner. Past issues surface, Lower walls - trust is needed here.

8 of staffs: A card of powerful movement, hastened actions, and anticipation for the future, this card often represents texts and phone calls, emails. And all kinds of communication. Fast movement. Offers.

7 of staffs: Challenges, Fighting, emotional battle, gossip , lack of preparation.

6 of staffs: Achievement, winning, triumph Also, important news You may expect some good news very soon. A card representing pure victory.

5 of staffs: A card of verbal or physical struggle or disagreements. anxiety, and overall unease, internal battles.

4 of staffs: A card of peace, positive energy, and success. Represents easy movement, happy home life, known as the marriage card.

3 of staffs: News of advancement. Waiting for the ships to arrive, good tidings, time to reap benefits of hard work, hard work put into the situation will reap positive benefits, hard work or new ideas. Expanded vision.

2 of staffs: A card of uncertainty, reflection of past actions and choices, A choice between two paths.

Ace of staffs: A card of representing childbirth or new projects and business ventures. Starting a new business, beginning a new career, or the possibility of child birth depending on surrounding cards.


King of cups: A person who is balanced ; a man of business, romantic, creativity and the subconscious,gives sound advice.

Queen of cups: Psychic abilities, a women with a good intuition but has the most unexpected emotions of all the queens, very passionate and loyal, good hearted, may be introverted. Advice to listen to intuition .

The Knight of cups: A card of messages , through letter or proposal; a possible employment, romantic news, Learning of a new trade, starting a new relationship love, or business opportunity; depending on it's surrounding cards. It may be hard to say no to these offers.

Page of cups: A messenger of emotional tididings, this person i is often known to be dependent, but with a good heart. A person that will help in some way but will require help as well. May indicate messages of love and romance or new business.

10 of cups: home and family.Happiness is surrounding home, friends , family, love … . An opportunity to enjoy the pleasures of life. Attention needed in the home. A card of peace and contentment, It is time to bring balance and harmony together within your home.

9 of cups: accomplishment and self satisfaction. Comfort or peace. Celebration, rewards, homecoming, a new start. Be careful not to overindulge. This card as known as a wish card. A wish come true.

8 of cups: 7 of cups: Pick the solid choice, whats the most solid and secure choice you think of related to your question? Don't be fooled by delusions and illusions, not all that glitters is gold.

6 cups: A card that represents a person's past or memories. Past love, spirit guide communication, past thoughts, a time that reminds you of your child hood, can represent a spirit guide (friends, love or family) is with you. Past love coming back.

5 of cups: A card showing a loss of control, shame. Missing opportunities Too focused on failure, don't focus as much on fails to avoid missed opportunities.Feelings off loss betrayal indicated.

4 of cups: remorse, possible regret, replaying a situation continuously ,stress, self doubt, self pity, and frustration. Represents a tiresome and stressful time, deep in contemplation, introspection, self empowerment, movement forward.

3 of cups: Reason for celebration, meeting someone in a social environment. Third wheel, can indicate a 3rd person entering relationship - or reasons of ending relationship depending on surrounding cards, an opportunity to heal and grow. Can indicate party style, drinking.


2 of cups: Represents marriage. Often referred to as "The couples card". Friendships as well as passion. Strong foundation and respect.

Ace of cups: emotional abundance, overflow of emotions , warm tidings, all senses- desires and needs are fulfilled. A positive "yes" to an outcome card and positivity.


The King of swords: position of authority. Decision and execution. Decisive action, courage and intellect

The Queen of swords: maturity, straightforward female, unbiased judgement, opinionated, a known creative leader, a women of intellect.

The Knight of swords: confrontation, defense, bravery, and competition. A messenger, messages arriving and leaving quickly. Can indicate beginning or end of issues/ conflicts depending on surrounding cards.

The Page of swords: A messenger of straightforward and to the point news. A card of emotional possession associated with jealousy. A card of surveillance. Can indicate social media stalking or keeping a close eye on the situation.

10 of swords: A card of emotional isolation, weariness, and sometimes depression and/or physical pain; a sense of being overwhelmed.

9 of swords: A card with many meanings (depending on its surrounding cards). It can represent loss, desperation, and broken promises. May indicate deep depression and nightmares, and trouble sleeping, stress and pressure.

8 of swords: A card that signals confusion and disruption. Jealousy ,A feeling of being held prisoner; being trapped by some force. A situation that may be difficult to leave. Using your intuition to guide you, to leave a mental trap.

7 of swords: Skip taking easy routes with this card, work will pay off for the work you put into the situation, The grass isnt always greener on the other side, focus on current situations, leaving the group - lone wolf.

6 of swords: A card representing travel, distance and separation. This card is known as the moving card, can indicate moving into a new home, leaving a bad situation for the better, end to material, financial losses. Spiritual movement and dreaming of movement card, change is indicated.

5 of swords: A card that can represent end of relationship or move to a new location, A card representing decision making and consequences. May mean moving away or letting go. Limit your losses by letting go, take whats needed and leave the situation .

4 of swords: A card of doubt, worrying, restless sleep and loneliness. May indicate a need for rest to view the situation with a new perspective.

3 of swords: A card representing sadness, hurt feelings, a sense of loss or longing. A broken heart, breaking the ice in new relationships, this card does not always have bad meaning, can indicate sudden changes ahead that feel abrupt.

2 of swords: A choice between two things and neither choice is an easy choice, this card says to pick the most solid choice between two options, can indicate a time where choosing is required, may be difficult.

Ace of swords: A card representing pure victory, many blessings, and intense emotions. Air card, cutting through nonsense, straight to the point text messages, phone calls, in person meetings, new beginnings.

THE SUIT OF COINS (Earth) aka pentacles

The King of coins: A dependable person,successful business, represents security and comforts, great omen card for business adventures.practical support and encouragement.

The queen of coins: A good listener. Loyal, generous, and protective. A Enjoyment of luxury , financial abundance, feeling comforts, Gives great advice- be sure to listen carefully.

The Knight of coins: A person that can be trusted, depenabale, often known as the slowest messenger, if you’re waiting on news it may arrive slower than expected but it will be dependable , often good news.

The Page of coins: News of money, Great news via letter or words, text or call, a person who is immature, can represent new relationships, offers to business, relationships.

10 of coins: All supplied comforts are taken care of, comfortable home , family, stress free, can indicate a change in home such as redecorating, can indicate a move into a home of your dreams, goals accomplished.

9 of coins: Fulfillment of goals, hopes and realization of dreams. Obligations satisfied. Wish card, moving on to better times. Lucky omen card, a wish come true.

8 of coins: Working towards goals, working to keep a relationship or a relationship worth working for and a goal worth pursuing. Apprenticeship, repetitive tasks, mastery, skill development.

7 of coins: Breaks are required, dont let goals imprison you. a good financial omen as it represents harvesting the fruits of your labor, profits and returns on investments.

6 of coins: A card of giving and receiving. Karma card, balance can change at any time, balance is required.

5 of coins: work, career, finances, and material possessions, feeling a loss, Stress .

3 of coins: determination, dedication and commitment, building success, decisions, progress, collaboration.

2 of coins: A choice between two options, before agreements be sure to understand the terms, juggling finances, and money coming and going, home and personal life balance is required.

Ace of coins: New beginnings, new job, new love offer, excitement and clarity. Success with business.

Grounding tips

Nature Grounding

Get in touch with your roots and spend some time with nature.Spending time with nature raises your vibration, and balances and grounds. The key tip is that vibration requires movement sometimes too, the more you move the better your vibrations move. So Get Active! Get into Nature and hike or Dance! The happier you feel, the more you will draw happy experiences to yourself because you are operating at a different frequency. Raising your vibration is essential for all divination styles and especially tarot.

Grounding is one of the best techniques for clearing your mind and clearing your cards. Getting in touch with nature can help remove negative energy. This can include earthing as well. Earthing is walking barefoot on the earth to pull in positive energy and release negative energy. Taking a break from learning, giving readings is required. Grounding can pull your energy back to you and to make you feel both balanced and refreshed.

Try taking a short break in between learning tarot and giving readings as well. Some readings can show as scattered, or simply unusual. To help gain a better perspective on your cards, Try cleansing your deck (see below to learn about cleansings.) Take a moment, meditate, Once you've cleared your mind, try reshuffling your cards and try again. This doesn't mean that you must take your cards with you grounding, but whichever way you prefer also works. A negative mindset can pull negative and unusual readings, Especially while doing readings for others. Grounding is best recommended with one of the cleansing techniques listed below.

Quick Reading Tip: Keep a glass of salt water near you while you do readings to stay grounded.

Start by cleansing the yourself and the space around you.

Smoke Cleansing/Smudging

When it comes to smudging/ smoke cleansing, the first thought that pops into mind for most people is sage. However, sage is the most common smoke/ cleansing smudging herb for cleansing tarot cards. The next best cleansing alternative for smoke cleansing can range from using bay leaves, palo santo, juniper, black sage, pine, mugwort, palo santo, rosemary, sweetgrass and many more. I still place sage number one personal pick best for cleansing from home, auto, yourself and even your cards or pendulum . Intention matters while using cleansing herbs, sage can be used to pull in positive influences while removing the negative energy for a full energy reset.

Quick Tip Incense can be used in place of herbs. Choose an incense that has blessing or cleansing properties associated with it. Try burning incense immediately after a cleansing session. Sage has a more masculine/yang aspect and is nicely coupled by the feminine/yin aspect of incense. Also, experiment with bell ringing or hand clapping in between smudging and incense burning for a total cleansing effect.

How to: Step 1: Gather the Required Items

Sage (or your other favorite cleansing herbs)

2.Fire-Proof Dish or Bowl(To hold under the sage)

3.Step 2: Set Your Intention: (Set your mind on thoughts of cleansing and positivity as you light your sage.)

4.Cleanse yourself

Before cleansing your space, and your cards take a moment to purify yourself by directing the smoke towards your body, starting at your feet and up to your head and then back again.You can use your hands or a feather to direct the smoke where you want it to go (just be careful of your eyes and nose).

Tip: To get a nice stream of sage smoke going, blow lightly on the burning sage. Keep your shell handy to collect any ash or falling sage leaves.

5. Begin walking around your home with your sage, keeping your intention clearly set within your mind. Where should you start?Some people recommend that you start in one room of your home and work from corner to corner, room to room. You can absolutely do that, but what I recommend is to let your intuition guide you.

This is a spiritual, intimate ceremony, so why not keep it that way? Plus, you can’t mess it up, so don’t worry.

Be sure to give attention to dark places such as corners, doorways, and heavy traffic areas. Allow the the purifying smoke or spray to deeply penetrate the energy. Sleep and work areas are also good areas to focus on. But, mostly, let your intuition guide you through the smudging ceremony. If you allow it, your intuition will let you know what areas of your home need the most attention. Take as much time as you need. After cleansing yourself and space, cleanse your cards.

Cleansing Crystals

Selenite is known as the smudging crystal. This crystal is best recognized for its pure white elegant coloring. This crystal is best kept with your cards and best kept near you, your cards while doing readings. This crystal is used to stop negative energy from entering a space or object.

Quick tip: Use Crystals Associated to cleansing such as:

Clear quartz – Clear Quartz is a universal crystal that can be added to just about any cleansing. This crystal cleanses cards and its known as the energy amplifier of crystals.

Selenite – Cleansing, removes negative and unwanted energy .

Black tourmaline – Grounding. Absorbs negative energy, used for protection.

Amethyst – enhance psychic senses and intuition.

Smokeless sprays

Much like certain crystals, smokeless alternatives are favored my many people. Sage sprays , on site as well, runs from palo santo spray to lavender, to sage to even mugwort or rosemary! Cleansing sprays should be sprayed in a room before each reading! or used around the entire house and space you are in.

Quick Tip Sprays are not recommended to be used directly on your cards, the pure oils in the spray may damage your cards, cleansing sprays are air sprays only.

Sound Cleansing

Sound cleansing cards can be as easy as playing nature sounds on youtube. Nature provides gentle melodies certain to make a better lullaby as compared to most sounds. Sound cleansing is used to remove negative energy and raise vibration. There are specific frequencies that have a calming and clearing effect on the energy around you. Using singing bowls, bell ringing or playing high vibrational music is recommended during and in between readings and while learning.

Quick tip: make a high vibrational playlist and include nature sounds.

Tapping/Blowing on Cards

Tapping on your deck or blowing lightly on your deck in between readings is the the quickest and easiest clearing method when you’re in a hurry.

Salt soak

Draw in positive energy by placing your cards in a bowl of salt. This method is called a “salt bath” no liquid is used. You can leave your cards in the bowl of salt in between readings or overnight occasionally when you feel energy may be off with the cards, and the readings.salts are well known for their energy cleansing potential.

Quick tip: the best salts to use include black lava salt, epsom salt, dead sea salt and pink himalyan salt. To avoid damage Wrap your cards in plastic and bury the deck in a container of salt.

Sunlight/ Moonlight Bath

Some readers recommend doing moonlight, sunlight meditation

Moonlight meditation and sunlight meditation is a practice of drawing in the energy of the moon, some readers will leave their cards, divination tools such as a pendulum in the moonlight for an hour or two. Full moons and new moons are known to be the best time to cleanse recharge cards, crystals and other metaphysical items.

Be careful not to leave cards directly in sunlight as this may cause cards to fade and become sun bleached.

Quick tip on making moon water: Moon water is simply leaving water in a jar overnight, adding the water to spray bottle the following day and spraying it around the area where you often do readings.

Candle cleanse

Candles and meditation is a wonderful mix. Try positive affirmations. Lighting candles may help create a positive and peaceful atmosphere and help raise your vibration.In just 30 seconds you can pause, breathe in an intention that you want for your day and breathe negativity surrounding you.

Candles can be used to help cleanse your space in between readings

Quick tip: Candle colors to use

White: Cleanse (universival)

Black: Remove obstacles, protection.

Purple: increase psychic abilities

Blue: 3rd eye, calm, peace, relaxation.

2 Common layouts

Past, Present and Future

3 cards, left to right

Past, present and future

Celtic Cross

10 card layout

Card 1: The Querent (center)

Card 2. Opposing Forces (center)

Card 3. Focus (top)

Card 4. Past (bottom)

Card five (Right) future depending on how you react

Card 6 (Left) near future

Side line cards (bottom to top)

Card 7. You

Card 8 External

Card 9 Guidance

Card 10 Outcome

Fast learning tips

Writing down cards and the meanings is one of the most popular ways to learn tarot. A Journal can be used endlessly to get to know your cards and remember your cards.

A few good ideas to include are:

*Give yourself practice readings and write down the full reading.

*Write down a card per day

*Make a page for each card - Dedicate a page to details about the art- and meanings you’ve learned (and continue learning)

* Write 2- 5 key words for each card.

*include your personal view points on each card


Draw a card for each day- keep that card in mind throughout the day, take note of everything that card offers including the art, guidance, what you don't like about the card and what you do like. When i first started reading tarot. I would pull a card each morning, read the basic meanings, throughout the day i would think about the meanings to that one card. Another good idea, is keeping a note pad of your “card-a- day” challenge, after a week use just the cards you’ve studied and do a small 7 card reading. Shuffle the 7 cards and pull one card.

Jumper cards while shuffling.

Cards that fall out during shuffling, can be a message for you that you’re needing to hear. Look at the meanings of the cards that randomly fall out, see if they feel relevant to your question or situation.

Note- Some readers only read cards that pop out during shuffling.

*Not required - Turn all of your cards facing one direction before shuffling, if you’re reading the upside, upside down meanings alike

*Not required (personal use) - Cards that fall out of the deck randomly facing up have a message, facing downwards (back of the card facing) does not have a message.

Art Reading

Art is one of the most important aspects to a tarot deck. It’s good to pick a deck you enjoy, most tarot decks follow suit to rider waite, such as the elements to each card like swords (air) pents (earth) cups (water) and wands (fire) breaking down both trump major cards verses court cards. Pick a deck you’re most drawn to and pick a deck with art you won’t end up tired of looking at. When doing readings try reading the art only - take away book meanings and other view points of personal meanings. Try pulling a card and focusing on what it means for you, just for the art. Pull a card and focus only on what you think and what you feel. This style of reading is usually just called intuitive readings, this practice can help you learn the cards quickly.

I hope you enjoyed my basic 101 guide on tarot cards and their meanings and learning tips! Be sure to remember that when you're learning tarot cards, you should always go at your own pace. It does take time, to learn, many readers still practice tarot with even 20+ years of experience, the key is learning the art, key meanings, using your intuition and have patience as well. Discovering your spirituality can be a lifelong journey.There are no right or wrong ways to discover, inspire or grow spirituality or live a spiritual life.Spirituality is very personal. Your spirituality is whatever you believe it to be. Staying in the present can inspire your spiritual side just by recognizing where you are currently on your own journey.

- Jane

Ilmypsychicjane and lunastarot - ilmylunajane

Feel free to send us a review~ if you like the basic learning guide, we look forward to creating full detailed meanings soon! Feel free to download our FREE learning PDF - to download and print at! Be sure to join TAROT LEARNING & READINGS on Facebook for learning tips & readings!


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