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We have teamed up with Detroit Paranormal Expeditions to create an entirely unique signature sage and cedar BODHI energy cleansing spray.


Bodhi is the perfect addition to any paranormal investigation.  Keep yourself protected and clear your space from negative energies with this entirely smokeless, on the go alternative to burning your favorite herbs! This 3oz spray is both convenient and has a wonderful scent! This BODHI spray is a must and can be used anywhere, anytime! 

Signature BODHI Sage and Cedar Spray 3oz Detroit Paranormal Expeditions

Out of Stock
  • White Sage 

    Common Sage

    Clary Sage 

    Cedar Oil and Cedar 

    Clear Quartz

    Water - Pure spring water 

    Essential Oils 

    Sage, Rose, Lemon, Citrus, Palo Santo 

    Alcohol to preserve the sage/palo Santo, cedar and scent / Pure Grain

    100% Natural Pink Himalayan Salt 

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