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Simmer Pot Mix- Fresh Citrus 


This mix includes:


Palo Santo chips 


Lemon Grass  

Orange slices 




Black tea leaves 

Bay Leaves 

Lemon Peel 

Lemon oil 

Clary Sage oil 

Juniper sprig 

Peppermint leaf 

Blue Vervain 

Blue Sage 

Frankincense esin, oil and powder 






Spiritual Cleansing Simmer Pot


Simmer pots are more commonly thought of as a nice way to fill the house with scents of herbs, spices, fruits such as cinnamon, cloves, apples, bay leaves and oranges.Spiritual Simmer pots allow you to fill your space with both intention and terrific scents by using herbs such as sage or rosemary, bay leaves to remove negative energy and cinnamon and clove for prosperity similar to burning herbs for spiritual uses or using herb/spice spray alternatives. To make a simmer pot simply place a few ingredients (such a cinnamon, bay leaves, and cut oranges) into a pot, fill the simmer pot ½ way with water, allow to simmer on low heat - adding water periodically. 

Simmer pot - Palo Santo And Lemon Grass

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