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The most detailed and most popular (10 Tarot cards) Just like the readings by question,  Each reading will come with photos of your spread, each card in detail concerning your question (for every reading on the site)


. Please review the "product info" to see more details. After your reading is purchased, please fill out the questionnaire form on the "TAROT" page, with your name, birthdate and question. The question has no limit within the details, so feel free to be as detialed as you prefer for One Question. 

By email or mail (usps) if you choose, by mail, you will have the Tracking number within 48 hours.

Once I receive your payment; I will get your reading to you in 72 hours!!. Keep in mind I do ALL of my readings with an actual deck of cards and my own two hands. No software packages here – my readings are genuine and take time. I do my best to get them to you as fast as possible.

The Celtic Cross Spread

  • This spread is one of the most detailed and my personal favorite. This is a more direct apporach to tarot readings. I cover everything from business to love. If you're interested in this reading be sure to submit your question along with this.  This is a 10 card spread. I cover current,past, present and most importantly, the outcome of your question. 

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