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The Three Questions Tarot Reading by email. you can be as detailed as you prefer (within the question form). How it works: You ask your questions i choose the best Tarot spread to go along with your questions. The "questions tarot" Is a fast, accurate and detailed reading which is guaranteed submitted back to you within 24 hoursBy email or mail (usps) if you choose, by mail, you will have the Tracking number within 24 hours. Once I receive your payment; I will get your reading to you in 24 hours!!. Keep in mind I do ALL of my readings with an actual deck of cards and my own two hands. No software packages here – my readings are genuine and take time. I do my best to get them to you as fast as possible.

Three Questions Express

Out of Stock
  • All Express Tarot Card Readings by Email, will be submitted back to you within 24 hours or you will receive a 100% refund on your purchase. 

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