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Witch Ball Folklore Cinnamon, lavender with key charm 🗝✨️



STYLE 1 Cinnamon,  lavender with key charm (original witch ball style)

STYLE 2  Cinnamon, lavender and extra herbs and crystals. 

(Second witch ball folklore style) 


Includes: Intuitively selected and  filled assortment of herbs, crystals , resins, broom corn (that I use to make life sized and mini besom brooms) cinnamon, lavender,  pink salt , rose, pine cones, moss jute wrapped with a key charm, clear ornament/ball.




A witch ball is a hollow sphere filled with herbs, crystals, sticks stones (items found in nature) According to Appalachian mountain folklore, a witch ball was a tool used to protect the home. “Hanging a witch ball near a window or in a corner of a room provides protection from negative spirits and thoughts, but they can also produce luck, much like the purpose of an upturned hanging horse shoe.”



The witch ball is a folklore spiritual item from the 16th century,  The traditional folklore for "witch ball" includes using either an empty vessel (ball) with webbing or items found in nature such as moss, herbs, crystals or any item from nature with spiritual meanings and purpose. There is multiple types of witch ball styles throughout history by various cultures and for traditional, spiritual and religious purposes as these folklore items include items with spiritual meanings and uses. 


Witch folklore spirituality ball by Ilmylunajane 




Witch Ball Folkore ✨ Key Charm, Cinnamon and Lavender

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