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Which line do you have? -Palmistry/Chiromancy.

What your palm lines say about your personality. There are three major lines that are found on almost all hands that are the most commonly read. Palm readers including myself, tend to pay the most attention to these lines first.. People tend to ask which hand is better for a palmistry reading?... Short answer is both! Your dominant hand reflects on present life and life ahead while your less dominate hand reflects on your past and potential. Placing the summary of both, left and right together, tends to give the best accurately and detailed readings.

The heart line, life line and headline.

Pick the line which compares most to yours.

(keep in mind these are the three top common lines for each)

The heart line

The Heart- Line is known as the love line. This line gives an idea about a persons emotional state. This line is located above the headline. The Heart-line usually starts either at either the index finger or middle finger and extends towards the pinky.

A. Heart line just below the middle finger:

Heart line just below middle finger If your heart line begins from right below your middle finger, you are more of a leader. You are independent, intelligent, and have lot of good qualities when it comes to judgment and making decisions. You use your good qualities to better your community and yourself..If this line is also clear and deep, it indicates sincerity, considerate and respectful. Self secure and at peace with their emotions, however, if this line is lighter is symbolises more of an "aloofness" towards particular emotions. Curving upwards is positive and intuitive and intellectual, downwards is negative or naive influences....

B.Heart line in between middle finger and the index finger: If your heart line starts from the mid-point between the middle finger and the index finger, you are considerate, kind and trustworthy. You tend to give away your heart a little too freely...However, this line being deeper symbolises the sincerity within your relationships with others, lighter represents more of a light hearted or even naive approach.Curved would represent a psychical and emotionally intuitive individual opposed to the deep straight heart lines.

C.Heart line between index finger and thumb:If your heart line is very long which extends to the edge of the palm from both side (as in picture C shows), it indicate a straightforward personality type. However, the branches downwards symbolise heartbreaks.Upwards of course, being the positive influences. While if this line is short , this symbolises a not- outgoing personality while longer (touching both ends of the palm) can symbolise codependency towards their partners. A faint line is distance emotionally, deeper , on the other hand with this line can show a jealous nature within' relationships.

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The life line

The lifeline begins between the index finger and the thumb and continues down the base of the palm.The most asked question about the lifeline is "How long will i live/ or die" This is a misconception. This line directly relates to personal endeavours, relationships with others, health and emotional being.

A. Long and deep lifeline: Indicates good health, stamina and vitality and generally speaking a well balanced individual. The long deep line being a great indicator health wise, meaning a person with this line is known to pull any sickness and continue forward. Relationship wise, a person with a deeper life line tends to have deeper and meaningful relationships. A deep life line stands out as a person who tends to stick to their belief systems, this line tends to be a bit stubborn at times, however with this straightforward approach, This line tends to be successful in their endeavors.

B.Broken lifeline:

Broken lines generally indicate losses, losses which can be relationship related work related or even health related issues... The line restarting simply symbolises the time where you go beyond the struggle.. Getting past and heartbreaks to health issues..However, this line indicates that you are surrounded by positive energy. This line is also known for its intuitive nature, relationship wise, this line represents a person who isn't easily controlled by others.

C.Curved or branched lifeline: Branches upwards symbolises success.. Work and relationship related while branches downwards symbolises failed relationships (in particular) Upwards curves symbolises success , however including markings such as branching, this line can indicate both failure and success, the downwards (small fork/branches) represent failed relationships, while upwards symbolizes successes and good relationships.

The head line

The Headline also known as the "wisdom" line and generally is the line which stands out as the intellectual and intuitive line. The headline runs from the Thumb to the Jupiter or Saturn.

A.Headline to the edge of the palm:

The longer, deeper and straighter each line is indicates a person who needs mental challenges and a person who is good at researching in-depth to find details others may have overlooked.If the head line goes all the way to the edge of your palm (see picture A) then it may indicate that you are inflexible, hasty at times, however generally avoids overreacting because of their ability to look at every possibility in depth before taking action..The straight headline indicates a person allows their feelings to overcome their better judgment at times as well.. Intelligence and a good memory, This headline represents a person who has concentration and a sensible nature. *Note* A headline which touches the lifeline or heartline,the closer the Head- line is to the Life line, the more you are attached to your family, the home and your roots.

B.Shorter-straight Headline:

The straight shorter line in palmistry symbolises a person is able to make decisions quickly.In business, a person who is a pleasure to deal with...A shorter line also generally symbolises a shorter attention span...sometimes work or even relationship related. A person with a shorter headline mainly indicates a practical and non-complex individual or simply a person who does not "beat around the bush" within' most cases. However, the short and straight combination symbolizes a person with good organisational skills and having one of the best attention for detail, A deeper line in this case would symbolise excellent memory, sensible.. however, a lighter thinner line symbolises a hard time concentrating. This line being shorter than most headlines symbolise a person who is realistic and has a "down -to earth " approach compared to other head-lines.

C.Headline slightly up under Jupiter finger/ curvy: Your personality type isn't as strongly driven as the A type, but with many of the good leadership skills very evident. The curved line symbolises, a romantic and creative, idealistic individual who is open to new ideas and is not afraid to investigate concepts or beliefs. In most cases this line curves both upwards and downwards, However, A long line that curves upward represents more of a retentive memory. However if the curve swoops down towards the heel, the person tends to be imaginative and creative. Simply put, The curved headline represents a person who is very intuitive compared to other head-lines.

The art of palm reading can get very deep and technical due to the amount of lines and creases we all have on our hands, but it’s fun to learn about the basic lines as a start.

Lines of palmistry in-depth detail include;

*Children lines

*Marriage lines

*Fate line

*Chain lines

*success lines

*sun line

*Health line

*Fingers' Length Meanings

*Hand shape and size meanings


*intuition line

*Travel lines

*girdle of Venus

*Ring of apollo

*Ring of Solomon

*Saturn, Apollo, Moon, Saturn, Jupiter, Venus, Mars

*Marking such as crosses and the psychic eye (the list continues)


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