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Drawn to Chakra Balancing Baths and Ritual Meditation

Chakra Balancing Baths are a great way to explore the energy centers within you and strengthen your mind-body-spirit connection and because of all the different energy vibrations we encounter, our energy field is constantly readjusting itself to bring our energy back into harmony, but sometimes the negative energies we encounter can linger and accumulate over time and cause our seven chakras to become imbalanced. Water mixed with vibrationally charged herbs and crystals is a great way to cleanse your aura and balance your chakras (the major energy centers of your body). Below is a great step by step guide to chakra cleansing baths.

What's the best bath salts, herbal bath to use?

Everything organic is best for a chakra bath and energy cleansing baths alike. Organic bath salt mixes, preservative free dried herbs and flowers. It's best to pick which herbs, flowers and salts work for your desired bath. Such as dried sage for cleansing the chakras and energy. Pure oils such as cyprus, cedar wood and herbal tea blends such as ginseng/dandelion root. Below, you can find the list of herbs,oils and crystals to best fit each chakra bath.

Himalayan Sea Salt benefits

Sea Salt baths are rejuvenating, detoxing, and relaxing. They are extremely beneficial for cleansing. The salt water carries the electrical charge of the salt, along with the dissolved minerals. A salt bath helps draw out toxins, deep cleanses the skin, and helps cleanse the body energetically.

Step by Step guide to the best chakra balancing bath!

1. For beginners, try focusing on one specific chakra at a time.

2. Add your desired water temperature to your bath while slowly Adding in your healing elements. These can include essential oils, herbs, crystals, or items of the same color associated with the chakra. Add 1 cup of organic Himalayan or Epsom salts to help you relax and support cleansing.

3.If you are adding oils to your bath, add 8 to 10 drops of the essential oils. Be careful, oils can make the bath slippery!

4.If you want to add flowers and herbs, Try an organic bath mix with added herbs or add in your organic herbs, flowers directly.

5. Create a calm atmosphere. Color can influence mood so consider dimming the lights to help influence the mood. Candles are great additions to add a calming ambiance chakra bath time too, and playing soft music can help you relax.

6. Meditate. Focus on the chakra. Visualize where it’s located within your own body. See if you can sense it. Bathe it, not only in water and sound, but also your own loving, nurturing energy. Soak for about 15-20 minutes. You can assist the process by relaxing and feeling good about allowing yourself to take this special time just for you.Make an intention to let go of all negativity.

7. When complete, do not rinse off the minerals from the salt bath, instead pat dry skin.Take as much time as you need. But when you are finished, try to take your time while drying off and resuming your day or evening.Enjoy feeling lighter and more vibrant.

*TIP Take a chakra bath once a week.

What are the chakras? What do i use?

A chakra is a center of subtle energy and part of our energy body, the energosoma. Throughout history, several philosophies, mystic traditions, religions and alternative medicine frameworks include the concept of chakras, and state that chakras are connected to overall health and to the evolution of the consciousness.Chakra literally means “wheel” or “disk”, and these power centers in the body are believed to receive and radiate energy.

“The chakra is a doorway. These are doorways that lead you into other dimensions. But you have to focus on them to the exclusion of everything else.” —Frederick Lenz

1st Chakra: The Root Chakra

The root is associated with basic needs and survival, belonging, and tribe. When imbalanced, you may experience insecurity, eating disorders (over- or undereating), paranoia, aggression, depression, lethargy, negativity, cynicism, greed, slipping back into “survival mode”—even when surrounded by abundance.

Focus: spine/glandular system

Unbalanced: low self-esteem, self-centered

Balanced: stabilizing, grounded

Color: red

Essential Oil: vetiver, cyprus, cedar wood

Crystals and Gems to use : ruby, black or white tourmaline, red garnet

Herbs to use: ginseng/dandelion root, Cedar, Desert Sage

2nd Chakra: The Sacral Chakra

Residing just above the abdominal area , the sacral chakra helps us to connect to the physical world and enjoy its pleasures in all forms. This is the center of creativity, self-love, and sensuality, and when out of balance, can lead to greed, addiction, frustration, compulsion, sexual repression, depression, self-deprivation, and apathy.

Focus: Lower abdominal area , fertility

Unbalanced: overly sensitive, emotionally unbalanced, disempowered

Balanced: creative, balanced emotions, sexual flow

Color: orange

Essential Oil: jasmine, ylang ylang, clary sage

Crystals and gems : orange carnelian, orange calcite, aragonite

Herbs to use: cinnamon bark, cloves, juniper

3rd Chakra: The Solar or Plexis Chakra

This energy center is all about action. Located just above your navel, this is the power center, and when energy gets stuck here, people can experience loss or abuse of their power. When in balance, you’ll feel a strong sense of motivation and direction, and will have a greater ability to trust your “gut feelings.” An imbalance here can lead to sarcasm, pessimism, subjectivity, bossiness, overly analytical or dictatorial personality, abuse of authority, abrasiveness, naïve passiveness, being wishy-washy, fatigue, becoming oblivious, and feeling inferior.

Focus: adrenals/pancreas

Unbalanced: fearful, judgmental

Balanced: strengthens personal power, raises self-esteem

Color: yellow

Gemstones: pyrite, tiger's eye, citrine

Essential Oils: ginger, geranium, helichrysum

Herbs to use: ginger, blue sage (mint)

4th Chakra: The Heart Chakra

It’s where we hold the vibration of love, compassion, tenderness, patience, connection, forgiveness, generosity, and kindness. This energy center is located right in the center of your heart. When out of balance, we experience the opposites of these vibrations, such as impatience, bitterness, resentment, cruelty, loneliness and isolation, jealousy, possessiveness, and suspicion.

Focus: thymus

Unbalanced: possessive, fear of rejection

Balanced: love unconditionally, voice of the soul, compassion

Color: green, pink

Essential Oils: rose, melissa

Gemstones: rose quartz, jade, kunzite

Herbs to use: licorice, white sage with rose blend

5th Chakra: The Throat Chakra

Located in your throat, near that place where people sometimes feel a “lump in their throat,” when they get choked up. While not directly adjacent to the power center in your solar plexus, this is often where power is expressed. Perhaps you’re beginning to see how these systems work together, and when one area becomes imbalanced, it can lead to imbalances up the energy chain. Through our speaking, by passing these vibrations through our throat chakras, we are calling things into being. We are creating our world—so if our sacral chakras are imbalanced and we’re creating with an over- or underactive throat chakra, we can be manifesting exactly what we don’t want.

Focus: parathyroid or thyroid

Unbalanced: unreliable, self-righteous

Balanced: satisfied, content, in your truth

Color: blue

Essential Oils: lavender or geranium

Gemstones: turquoise, blue calcite, aquamarine

Herbs to use lemon with turmeric

6th Chakra: The Third Eye Chakra

The sixth chakra is the center of intuition and intellectual enlightenment, located right between your eyebrows. When in balance, you experience peace regardless of the world around you. When imbalanced, people can experience narrow-mindedness, self-absorption, lack of imagination, insensitivity, headaches, a scattered mind, and impaired vision.

Focus: pituitary

Unbalanced: undisciplined, highly logical

Balanced: brings focus, intuition, centeredness

Color: indigo

Essential Oils: sandalwood, clary sage

crystals and gems: moonstone, sodalite, lapis lazuli

Herbs to use schizandra berry, jasmine

7th Chakra: The Crown Chakra

Once you’ve nurtured your other six chakras and the energy is flowing, you are likely feeling a great sense of peace, purpose, and flow. The crown chakra is located at the crown/top of your head, and is the center for your spiritual awakening, wisdom, and enlightenment.

Focus: pineal

Unbalanced: constantly exhausted, depressed

Balanced: soothes restless mind, higher awareness, prayerful

Color: violet

Essential Oils: frankincense, chamomile

crystals and gems amethyst, lepidolite, sugilite

Herbs to use: astragalus root, lavender

Medical disclaimer and note from Mandy jane- owner of

The author of this website is not a medical professional- note advice from this website should not replace advice from trained medical professionals, all opinions from blog posts are personal opinions, spiritual advice purposes only with links, citations to back facts otherwise - and under no circumstances does this website intend to share advice to replace a medical professionals opinion- Please check with your doctor before burning sage and other herbs, (and other information)

The website is for spiritual and entertainment purposes ONLY is a website that gives you all the information you need about sage and its spiritual and scientific purposes, as well as other natural and holistic alternative approaches as well as personal experiences with our journey! . We also do sell fresh, organic respectfully harvested homegrown sage bundles, handmade sprays, organic bath sets, bath fizzers woodburned art, tarot readings and much more. Visit our website to learn more about tarot ,astrology, sage and its properties, and its benefits

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