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Full Moon Rituals – What to do during a Full Moon?

Let go of what no longer serves you and make room for what inspires you with this list of full moon ideas and activities.

Often candle colors hold spiritual significance! Candles and meditation is a wonderful mix. Try positive affirmations. Lighting candles may help create a positive and peaceful atmosphere and help raise your vibration.In just 30 seconds you can pause, breathe in an intention that you want for your day and breathe negativity surrounding you.

For a candle ritual during a full moon all you really need is a candle, your intention!

It’s good to choose colors that aligns with your intentions (Optional)


A few quick examples include:

White - Universal, purification, blessings, protection and peace

Green - Fertility, nature, growth, abundance, success ,

Blue- serenity, patience, kindness, inner calm, peace, healing, balance.

Pink- Warmth, compassion, honor, friendship.

Brown- Balance, grounding, stability, nurturing.

Orange- Energy boosting, good luck, ambition, abundance

Black- Protection, to absorb, remove, unblock.

Purple- Awaken your third eye, intuition, divination.

Teal (lighter blue) Spiritual well being, meditation, healing, rest, creativity

Shiny silver- beginnings, clairvoyance, clarity, communication.

Shiny Gold- Abundance, awareness, connections, happiness.

As the full moon brings emotions to the surface, what better way than to release them from your body than burning your favorite herbs after spending a little time cleaning your space, throw out or donate anything no longer serving you... Light your sage or rosemary, or whichever herbs you love the most and throw out the negative energy in your space too! Declutter your closet, wipe surfaces clean, open the windows and let fresh air in, place some fresh flowers around or make a new decor piece. spritz the room with cleansing/ smudging spray, and then burn some incense or sage after you are finished cleaning your space.

Direct link by us - How to cleanse your space

Quick list of herbs you can use during a full moon

Make Moon Water

Moonwater is used for energy refreshing cleansing rituals! It is said that “moon water is water charged with the essence and energy of the moonlight!” Moonwater is made by adding water and sometimes herbs and crystals into a glass or ceramic vessel and placing the vessel into direct moonlight! Moon water is used to water indoor plants and make a gem energy mix , make moon tea , added to bath meditation rituals and energy cleansing sprays.

Use Divination Tools

The full moon has been known for the magic, mystery, fortune telling and all types of divination.

Try doing a "month ahead " tarot reading during a full moon, use your pendulum or make some herbal tea and read the shapes in the leaves. Even if you are just starting out on your tarot learning journey, the full moon is known to be one of the best times to do tarot readings and other styles of divination including candle wax readings. Advice from my grandmother "Keep yourself grounded by keeping salt water near you while doing readings. "Stay inside and learn something totally new whether that’s reading tea leaves or another new form of divination, or a technique you’ve never tried before, get out of your comfort zone and find something that makes you feel excited again! Learning tarot, runes, or other ways of divination is a unique and mysterious adventure. If you're already a reader, try reading about tarot, runes etc from a new perspective by getting a new book or new set of cards.

Spend Time With Nature Or in Your Garden

Meditation / Group Meditation

Try group meditation with your friends online (or in person after the virus is over! ) Moonlight meditation is a wonderful way to connect with the moon and nature surrounding you!

There are different forms of meditation available. For the Hindus, they do yoga while chanting mantras. For the Christians, this is through prayer and Bible reading. For the Muslims, this is through praying five times a day. Many simple activities can be related to meditation. You can do some gardening while listening to songs that give you hope and comfort. You can simply find meaning to life by going to the woods and dwelling at the marvelous creations of the Supreme Being. Regular meditation will help you in may ways, you will become healthier. Being spiritual may not be a cure to any disease, but it helps prevent many illnesses because it helps the person achieve inner peace and attain lasting joy. When we feel happy, not only does this raise our vibration but the immune system receives a boost as well!.

10 ways to inspire your spiritual side

Star Gazing/ look for your Zodiac Constellation

Every 28-30 days the moon travels closest to the earth and showers us with light and her magnetic energy. Every 28 days a new zodiac constellation “enters” to the Full moons radiance. Take a moment to look around at the night sky, later in the evening, star gaze and look for your specific zodiac constellation and full moon constellation.

Charge Crystals

It is said that the light of the full moon has captivating energy which is perfect for recharging all of your crystals. Make sure the crystals you are placing outside are water friendly just in case it rains. Most non-water suitable crystals end in “Ite” but it’s better to be safe than sorry, so try placing your crystals in a windowsill, or any area where they will not get wet or damaged.

Full Moon Bath

The full moon is visible 2 to 3 days per full moon. Take a moment during one of the 2, 3 days and run yourself a nice hot bath with a good amount of pink Himalayan Salts, Epsom salts or Dead Sea Salts. add dried herbs and flowers if you prefer, light some candles, surround yourself with crystals if that’s what you enjoy , burn some Palo Santo, cedar, rosemary or sage add a couple drops of your favorite essential oils in running hot water. Use your full moon bath as a time to set intentions, say positive affirmations and meditate. You may want to consider having a weekly chakra bath/ Meditation. This a great way to cleanse your aura and balance your chakras (the major energy centers of your body). Chakra balancing baths include soaking in water that's been vibrationally enhanced with gemstones, essential oils and herbs can benefit your skin, remove negative energy and create a calm atmosphere. Bath meditation, is as simple as positive affirmations and focusing on your intentions, think "bring in the positives and remove the negatives" for around 10 mins . Color can influence mood, so consider using a colored light bulb in a relaxing hue. Candles are great additions to add a calming ambiance to your time, too, and playing soft music can help you relax.


A bonfire gives you time to enjoy the moment. That's what a full is all about. Spend time with yourself, your friends, family, your love and take a moment to enjoy the gorgeous bright natural light casted all around. Enjoy your time!

Moon Journal

Moon Journaling is a great way to keep track of each moon cycle, meanings of each phase zodiac correspondences. It's easy and takes only a few minutes per-day.

Intention Setting - Remove what no longer serves you and make room for what inspires you.

Intention setting starts with letting go of any unresolved feelings by thinking about who and what you are grateful for. Before setting intentions, Fill yourself up with gratitude by making a list of everything that comes to mind. Write down your positive intentions and burn the paper. If you don't have anything in mind, write down what you're ready to let go of. Be clear on what you are here to release/ celebrate, and going inward. Using a list of positive affirmations may help as well.

Medical disclaimer and note from Mandy jane- owner of The author of this website is not a medical professional- note advice from this website should not replace advice from trained medical professionals, all opinions from blog posts are personal opinions, spiritual advice purposes only with links, citations to back facts otherwise - and under no circumstances does this website intend to share advice to replace a medical professionals opinion- Please check with your doctor before burning sage and other herbs, (and other information) The website is for spiritual and entertainment purposes only.


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