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The Art of Palmistry/Chiromancy and The Detailed Line Meanings.

What is Palmistry?

The art of Palmistry has been used for decades and the earliest form of palmistry |chiromancy has been dated all the way back to 384–322 B.C.E. The practice of palm reading has found all over the world, with numerous cultural variations. Palmistry, like tarot card reading is broken down into two main parts, the Major (first) Such as head line, life line, heart line and fate line... Then there's the minor lines (your secondary lines) Minor lines can be very faint which is common though when they are apparent, it gives valuable insight to the palmist including myself. Minor lines can include your secondary fate line, bracelet line, relationship and children line (my personal favorite)... Palmistry is not limited to just the palm, it can include fingers, wrists and fingernails as well. I prefer to include the lines, mounts and shapes of the fingers in my readings as well just to insure the most detailed and accurate reading possible.


THE LIFE LINE Life line is considered the most controversial line in palmistry. It starts from the edge of the palm above the thumb and runs towards the wrist. It's generally not the case for this line to determine a person’s "time of birth to death" However, this line, depending on its position, can determine a person’s overall physical and mental health. People who have a delicate health often have a chained life line and a broken line can symbolize injuries and periods of fragile health. A person with a strong deep line generally symbolizes excellent health.

THE HEART LINE. The first and the foremost line on human palm is the heart line. This line is located towards the top side of the palm just below the fingers. As the name suggests, the heart line represents the state of human heart, both in physical and metaphorical sense. It indicates how strong and stable a person is emotionally, this line also can be confused with the relationship line which is not accurate, consider this line you, and you’re emotional being opposed to the relationship line which signifies your relationships with others. For example: A shortened straight line signifies a person who is more passive in their romance with a tendency to dwell on relationships opposed to wearing their emotional, heart on their sleeve. While a good straight and long line signifies people who tend to be good welfare workers, as they have a heart for others and understand their emotions well enough to want to brighten another person’s day by helping. In palmistry people who spot a curved heart line are believed to be more romantic. They can have a straightforward approach with love, they will demonstrate in ways to prove their feelings in romantic and catchy ways.

THE HEAD LINE headlines indicates the mental state of the person. The interests and creativity line, This line determines your business and education approach while on contrary to popular belief, the headline on a person's palm is often associated with how a person thinks what they have a heart to pursue and not how intelligent they are. Most headline tend to end somewhere below the ring finger. For example: a long straight headline and determine a person who takes action, people who thinks and give a lot of thought before taking action with anything.

THE FATE LINE The fate line is one of the major palmistry lines on hands. This line is simply known as the job/ career line. This line runs from the center of your hand (where your middle finger is) down to the bottom, A person with a deep strong fate line is known to be lucky and has a great head for business.


RELATIONSHIP LINE The relationship line is known as the relationship past, present, future relationships and marriage. This, opposed to the heart line shows relationships and trends influenced by you from others. The relationship lines are found on the side of the palm. They are a set of horizontal from one to many. People who have very few strong deep lines (with no breaks) signify a person who has committed relationships opposed to a person who has many faint lines, many lines with breaks which signify a person who has multiple relationships.

RASCETTE LINE known as the bracelet line. This line is found on the wrist directly below the palm. People have between 1 and 3 lines and a rare select few have 4... A person with a 4th is considered as a good omen. This line shows health, fortune, life and longevity. Mind, body and spirit. A person with very thick strong lines show a life of great health and luck with spiritual clarity.

GIRDLE OF VENUS the girdle of Venus can signify a wound up and anxious individual. This is not a line that everyone has, the line is found directly under the index finger to the ring finger. A stronger line shows a sensitive person emotionally while the longer the line , thicker and more lines that cross in opposite direction shows anxiety and a tendency to overthink.

CHILDREN LINE the children lines/ line generally show as a very faint set of small lines found directly under the pinky finger on both your right hand and left hand. Palmist, such as myself consider long lines to be represented for female and the shortest lines to be considered male. This line shows the children of your life and the children that will come part of your life later such as step children as well.

THE RING OF SATURN The ring of Saturn is found directly under the ring finger, the ring is not commonly found. This line signifies an unhappy person by nature, a person not living life to the fullest.

THE RING OF APOLLO the Apollo line is not as rare as people think though this is generally a line that is very faint for most people. This line shows a blockage in creativity. This line is found directly under the ring finger, if you have this line, don’t worry... this a sign that the negatives will turn to positives.

THE INTUITIVE LINE This line is found from the pinky down to the bottom of our hand, sometimes the line is longer thicker... though generally this is a very light. The intuitive line shows a person who is very much in touch with their intuitive side. This person generally takes on the role of a Psychic, tarot card reader and palmist, for the ability to use their emotional intuitive intelligence for problem solving and guidance.

SECONDARY FATE LINE. The secondary fate line is found directly in the center of the hand, this line is known as the line of destiny. Having this line, the more thick and deep lines can show a person who has a very strong personality, this secondary fate line with the fate line doubles as sister lines with show success within your career choice.


Well, usually, a palmist should read both. The theory is that the left hand shows potential, while the right hand shows what you've done with that potential. Some people have a preference of just one palm of choice during a reading.

RIGHT PALM, LEFT PALM. Your right is your current self, this reading would be where you are currently unless you’re less dominate hand is your right then the meaning is reversed. Your left, on the other hand, (Pun intended) is your potential people usually focus on career, marriage and children lines with the potential hand.


FINGER SHAPES Finger shapes hold importance to each reading because each shape has its own personal meaning along with the lines found on each finger. These lines can determine, happiness success and a person's personality.

JUPITER Jupiter (JU) is the index finger. Jupiter rules the ego, success and spirit. The length of the index finger shows a person's disposition whether it's long, a strong willed self-assured leader or shorter, a person who tends to be more passive.

SATURN Saturn (SA) is the middle finger. Saturn represents logic, family and emotional balance.

APOLLO Apollo (AP) is the ring finger. Apollo represents a person’s creativity and talents. A longer Apollo finger can also show a very affectionate and romantic person.

MERCURY Mercury (MU) is the pinky finger represents communication, initiation and relationships with others. For example: if a person has a shorter (MU) this can show a person with childish like behavior and a lack of self-confidence. Crooked twisted can show manipulation, Vertical lines on mercury represent health.

THUMB SHAPE the thumb shape is considered for a few different reasons. The thumb can show details about a person's character, temperament and all around personality traits.


Markings such as these are also known as mounts. Each set of lines generally includes markings that can change the meaning of that particular line from good to bad and vice versa

SPLIT LINE (1) Lines that are split generally indicate a break in something. If this is a marriage line, this break would signify a divorce whereas if this is a health line, this would signify a bump in the road for health matters.

CROSSES a major change, blockage or obstacle depending on where the cross is located

DOTS this one is not as easy to find but this shows destructive behavior, Dots have been known to disappear when the issue has been resolve

GRILLS are the most common, problems and adjustments and anxieties. These are (#) shaped markings within the palm

CHAINS Signify bumps in the road such as rough childhood experiences to failed successes such as being fired from a job or position.

TRIANGLES. A triangle is known to be a very lucky mount. A person can have one or even multiple triangles which show a partial success or successes.

"M" MOUNT. The Marking of the letter M connecting the heart line to the life line is believed that you'll have successful relationships (one very successful one in particular)

TRIDENTS known as splits off of each or one in particular, line. For example, On the relationships line, these type of split lines (or double lines) signify a relationship with more than one person a one time (for yourself)... a line that would end in a split instead of breaking is similar to the lovers card in tarot card reading which is " A choice between lovers"

SPLITS (UP AND DOWN) on a line, on your palm for some people, you'll notice branching, such as a little lines that either rise above that line or fall below it. A rise above split means markings of that many positive outcomes (I’ll use a heart line for example). On a heart line it would mean that many happily completed or soon to be completed outcomes. You had a relationship that went very well, it was successful for you emotionally. When you have a downwards line that generally foretells the opposite, heartbreak and a rough period emotionally.

VERTICAL LINES. Little small faint vertical lines on a hand shows positive energy and good vibes.

SQUARES these show up as a protection line, they look similar to a triangle line, and they can be small, large, and faint or think in detail which all represent a different meaning.

The aim of Palmistry is to read and learn person’s future, personality and fortune by analyzing their hands. The practice is said to have started in India but also has its roots in Roma fortune-tell as well as Chinese astrology. The process includes configuration of bumps, lies, and marks on a person’s hand also known as chiromancy. What are you waiting for when we have a very special treat in store for you? If you want to see more of the treat, just head over to to check for my newest and upcoming updates. Let me help you progress with what you’re doing with a piece of mind knowing what the future holds for you.

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