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Imbolc: A Time For Removing Negativity and Purification

The coming of spring is a time of earthly cleansing and a time of purification, Imbolc is all about preparing for spring and for new possibilities. This time of year, you will notice that the days are getting longer and while it is still cold everything is beautiful and snow covered.

Because of the growing life and light, I also think it is a good time of year to look at your life and finally clean out some negative aspects. Why not use this time of the year to do some spring cleaning, literal or spiritual?

History of imbolc

Imbolc is usually celebrated beginning at sundown on February 1 and continuing through the day of February 2 in the Northern Hemisphere and it marks the center point for the dark half of the year. Imbolc is a celebration of hope, growth and a reminder that Spring is just around the corner. As a whole this time represents ideas like growth, renewal, and purity. This is a time to appreciate the fertility of earth and it is also a time to purify both our spaces and our minds. A great activity to do for Imbolc is to go for a simple walk outdoors and try to notice and subtle hints that spring is on it’s way.

Imbolc may also be called St. Brigit’s Day or Candlemas. Brigit is a Celtic fire goddess and is considered a guardian of the home and the hearth. She is also tied to things like healing, midwifery, and smithcraft. Here in America, we have the unusual holiday of Groundhogs Day which usually falls on the same day of Imbolc.

5 Sacred Ways to Connect with the Energy of Imbolc

1. Burning Candles

On February 1st and 2nd, light candles and lamps in the home to welcome the return of the Light. Yellow, white and orange and red candles are the best colors to use. As you light each candle, focus your energy with the flame and ask that the light burn clear and bright, bringing clarity to the home, burning off any residual gloom or negative energy within the home.

2. Decorate with white flowers

White flowers symbolize cleansing, purification and new beginnings and the traditional uses including the celebration of upcoming spring and growth as well as the "blooming to come". Place a beautiful bouquet in the heart area of your home. Fresh flowers can add a mood boosting touch to your space

3. Burning sage or your favorite herbs.

Removing negative energy, a fresh start and welcoming new beginnings,burning herbs, such as sage removes all the unwanted energies and its a perfect time to do a good "spring cleansing" for imbolc. use the smoke to purify and release that which no longer serving you.

De clutter your space psychically and spiritually for imbolc, a perfect time to get of unwanted items with a good deep spring cleansing psychically followed by burning your favorite herbs.

Sage burning with rose

4. Appreciate the nature in your area.

Even during the cold, (as long as its not too cold, like the freezing temps currently in around the US) take some time to give thanks to the beauty surrounding you. Look for growth, newbie seedlings and spouting leaves on trees. More importantly you should think about what in your environment makes you feel connected to this time of year. getting back to nature is getting back to your roots. Nature has one of the purest energy and one of the highest vibrational frequencies and its the perfect way to celebrate imbolc.If the temps in your area are scary low, wait a few days to try this!

5. Imbolc Herbal Bath

A perfect mixture for a relaxing and soothing herbal bath for imbolc includes a mix of organic pink Himalayan salt, dead sea salts and Epsom salts. Herbs associated with imbolc to use in a bath includes Rosemary, sage and lavender.

6.Planting seeds

Gather the seeds that you will be planting in your Spring garden. When planting these seeds in the spring, plant the quartz crystal into the earth next to the seeds, quartz energy has been traditional to help your plants succeed in growing large and healthy with the energy quartz naturally produces.

Springtime is a season of optimism and hope, a time when positivity reigns supreme and all things shine under the light of the sun. Enjoy the new beginnings, purification and removing all of the unwanted energies!

Medical disclaimer and note from Mandy jane- owner of

The author of this website is not a medical professional- note advice from this website should not replace advice from trained medical professionals, all opinions from blog posts are personal opinions, spiritual advice purposes only with links, citations to back facts otherwise - and under no circumstances does this website intend to share advice to replace a medical professionals opinion- Please check with your doctor before burning sage and other herbs, (and other information)

The website is for spiritual and entertainment purposes ONLY is a website that gives you all the information you need about sage and its spiritual and scientific purposes, as well as other natural and holistic alternative approaches as well as personal experiences with our journey! . We also do sell fresh, organic respectfully harvested homegrown sage bundles, handmade sprays, organic bath sets, bath fizzers woodburned art and much more. Visit our website to learn more about sage, its properties, and its benefits.

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