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How to Make the Best of Your Reading With a Psychic

Psychic reading is a remarkable experience that most people don’t get to experience in their lifetime. So if you’re planning to have one, you should strive to get the greatest experience possible.

With a bit of prior knowledge and planning, you can ensure you get the best clairvoyant psychic reading possible. This guide will illustrate how to prepare for a psychic reading.

Here are the key tips on how to get optimum value out of your reading session:

1. Prepare Mentally

What issues do you want to discuss with your psychic? This is an illuminating question that you need to ask yourself. A day before the psychic reading, take time to explore the recurring questions that are vexing you.

Think of the things that are bothering you or the questions that need answers. This will help you gain clarity on why you need psychic reading. You’ll, therefore, get to ask the right questions and thus get the most useful insights.

2. Ask Your Psychic if They Need Any Aids

Some psychics may require photographs or jewelry, so you should find out before the session.

3. Be Relaxed

Usually, most people are nervous before a psychic reading. But, being relaxed during the reading helps improve your overall experience.

If during your reading you find that you're super-nervous, you should share your feelings of trepidation with your psychic. They will assuage your fears by explaining how the reading will work and help you relax.

4. Ask Insightful Questions

When your questions start with “what”, “how,” or “why,” you really open your issues to exploration. Conversely, when you ask a question like, “Will I get married?” you only get a yes or no answer.

You should, therefore, consider asking questions like:

· What can I do to find a compatible life partner?

· Why do I continually attract the wrong people?

· What concrete steps should I take to find my soul mate?

The second, open-ended, questions enable you to get incisive answers which means you get to have a more powerful reading.

5. Keep the Energy Moving

During the reading, it’s vital that you keep the energy flowing. If you’re afraid of having a candid conversation or if your energy walls are up, your energy flow will slow, and it will make it tougher for your clairvoyant to dissect your issues.

You should open up to the psychic. Of course, they will do much of the talking, but you should jump in when you have something to say. You can even have an amazing conversation without you ‘giving anything away’. An excited yes at the right time keeps up the good vibes.

6. Be Open-minded

Focus on the issues that are close to your heart, but also be open to the unexpected. Good psychics set out to give you a reading that’s of the highest good. So they don't just tell what you want to hear, but also tell you what you need to hear.

7. Take Notes

Ensure you take notes during your session. Even if your memory is super-sharp, jot down the key points so that you don’t overlook anything.

You should also document things that don’t seem sensible during the session. You’ll likely make the connections later and they’ll start making sense.

8. Eliminate Distractions

You can’t have an insightful psychic reading when you're distracted. So, ensure the session takes place in a comfy and quiet place, and turn off your phone.

9. Avoid Hangovers

Recreational drugs and alcohol usually lower your energy and vibration. So you shouldn't take drugs or alcohol for the 24-hour period preceding the reading. Over the counter and prescription, meds are fine.

10. Enjoy It!

A great psychic reading session should feel like an exchange with a good friend that you don’t want it to end. So get excited, ask questions, participate, and have fun!

After The Reading:

11. Trust Your Instincts

Trust your guts when it comes to how you feel about the reading. There is no psychic who is 100 percent correct. So at the end of it all, you should go with your gut instincts if you feel some things were off about the reading session.

12. Exercise Your Freewill

Don’t solely focus on replicating the revelations that come out during your reading. You should keep living your normal life, if any of the predicted things come to be, it should simply be an "AH-HUH" moment.

Focusing too much on what you learned during reading may shift the direction your life takes and the insights from your session will become redundant.

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