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6 Signs You're an Emotionally Intelligent Intuitive , Not a Crazy Person.

Sensitive intuitive ,Psychic, Medium? … do you ever wonder if this is you? Or do you wonder if you’re just imagining things?

Every person has an intuitive side,however, some people within time, get in touch with their emotional intelligence with a more in-depth approach while others, have a keen natural sense to these traits... here’s a list of the most common traits and experiences psychics intuitives have.

See which ones you have experienced:

1. You know things about people – It seems like you just have a natural ability to read others, Everything to subtle body language to feeling "off " or "something is just right" about a person.. While even in some cases... It doesn’t matter what the person looks like or acts like. There’s no fooling you. You understand the vibes you get... and like the old saying goes " Trust the vibes you get, energy doesn't lie"

2.You are easily overstimulated –Overly crowded places seem overwhelming ...Yes, this is a sign of simply being introverted, however, along with bright lights,noise, or strong scents.. They make you feel as if you could crawl out of the window in an escape attempt to avoid the situation entirely.. This is because you are sensitive to energy. Calm and quiet feels better, smaller crowds even.... a good close circle. Being overstimulated can make you anxious or cranky.

3.You have frequent or vivid dreams – You may even recall experiences of vivid dreams of past lives or people you never met, or simply situations which seem to go according to your past dreams.. almost as a deja vu feeling of recurrence.

4. You understand animals – Has anyone ever told you, that you connect with animals well? They seem to take a particular liking to you as well? Animals feel empathy, they also, have the purest energy, Being able to connect and bond with animals well, shows you you connect with their energy, as do they, with yours.

5. You give amazing advice – People feel at ease after talking to you because you soothe them with words of wisdom.People are drawn to you because you're known for your advice, being caring and trustworthy as well... What’s this all about? Oh, you’re probably channeling the Divine and not even aware of it.

6. You always felt different – Have you always felt like you just don't quite fit in? Do you feel that way now?

it’s like you can’t quite pin point it out, exactly... but you’ve always known there was something different about you… Not something crazy or better about you, just… different.

Crazy? Crazy is simply a lack of understanding from another persons perspective, If you're usually right, keep listening to that intuitive side. You have this gift for a reason... after all...

Here’s the cool thing.. As an emotionally intelligent intuitive person, you can live life with an extra spice of awesomeness.

You are different, you are unique and gifted, embrace it.

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