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Using Sage Smudging Spray as an Alternative to Traditional burning methods.

Traditionally, burning sage has ruled the ritual world for centuries but as modernity kicks in, smudge sprays become a preferred method for various reasons.

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The need to get rid of unwanted/negative energy has increased over the years. Majorities are turning to the oldest beliefs for protection; however, not everyone is friendly with the smoke or the plant due to allergic reactions. Sage smudge spray has been modified to accommodate every individual as long the parties involved are interested.


Just like a body spray, you can carry it anywhere without attracting attention. In today’s generation, traditional beliefs are becoming a mere bleep and walking around with a bundle of dried sage can have people questioning you, especially those who have zero knowledge about the plant and the benefits. Sage Sprays allow that "On the go option" with ease as well.

Minimal restrictions

Though the world has embraced different beliefs, there are a few who are not open to traditional methods of healing, clearing negative energy. With sage smudge spray, you can use it in your office without being fired, spray the protection around your home without being evicted and use it on your body with no one questioning you. Even when you are dealing with clients one can clear energy quickly before the next client appears.

Sage smudge spray a perfect alternative to those who cleanse on a regular basis to those simply sensitive to smoke.

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